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What Is LACE?

LACE is a home-based, self-paced adaptive auditory training program designed to improve listening and communication skills.

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Our goal is to enhance and maintain quality of life for our clients through hearing loss prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation. We dispense hearing aids in all sizes, all different levels of technology, and all price ranges. Please feel free to call us with any questions our well-trained staff is ready to assist you. We are here to help. Learn more about Hearing Loss

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional who diagnoses, treats, and manages individuals with hearing loss or balance problems. Audiologists are certified, licensed professionals who have obtained a Master's Degree or Doctoral Degree (AuD or PhD) in the field of audiology. Their academic and clinical training provides the foundation for patient management from birth through adulthood. They are specially trained to diagnose and treat disorders of hearing and balance, which includes diagnosing the type and degree of hearing loss.

Audiologists can also prescribe and fit hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Audiologists offer recommendations that enable patients to make the most of their hearing potential and provide counseling to patients and family members regarding communication and listening strategies.


When should someone with hearing loss be evaluated by an audiologist?

  • Does your family say that you play the radio and TV too loud?
  • Do you have trouble understanding what your children or grandchildren say?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing and/or understanding speech when listening in a crowd?
  • Do you hear ringing, buzzing or whistling noises in your ears?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing people talk on the telephone?
  • Do you ask people to repeat what they have said?
  • In the car, do you have difficulty understanding conversations?


If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you should be evaluated by a licensed Audiologist.


When should a child be evaluated for hearing loss by an audiologist?

Picture of the man holding a baby

  • Does your child have speech difficulties?
  • Does your child have reoccurring ear infections?
  • Does your child have allergies?
  • Does your child have behavior/attention problems?
  • Does your child complain of ear pain?
  • Does your child turn up the TV too loud?
  • Does your child speak loudly?


If you answered yes to any of this questions, your child should be evaluated by a licensed Audiologist.